Marlborough rouge

Petit Clos Pinot Noir

Freshly squeezed cherries and plums, our Petit Clos Pinot Noir is flush with abundant aromas of dark red fruits with a liquorice undercurrent. Exuberant and densely concentrated, the lively palate has notes of cherry liqueur and macerated plums which are all bound together with firm, textural tannins.

Stuffed pork fillet with tapenade or perfect with barbecue meats.

This wine was fermented in stainless steel open tops and then aged in large (7,500 l) French oak vats for 11 months. Ageing in large oak vats, instead of smaller barrels, gives the wine great balance with subtle oak which enriches structure while retaining aromatic intensity and brightness.

This fruit driven Pinot has supple tannins and a juicy yet savoury profile from our younger vines.

Winegrowing & Terroir

Stemming from our French heritage our vineyard has incorporated high density planting to encourage competition between vines and restrain vigour. This natural vigour control means that the vines put more energy into the grapes, rather than the canopy, concentrating on the berries. The younger Pinot vines on our estate are situated on 3 different soil types. All our Pinot Noir is hand-picked in the cool, early mornings to retain fruit integrity.