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Wines - Centre Loire

Menetou-Salon Sauvignon blanc

Very fresh and fruity with hints of musk, spice, and prominent floral and citrus aromas. Notes of pepper and menthol punctuate the round, full mouth with good length.

This wine is a fine companion to fish as well as certain white meats. Its aromatic qualities allow it to marry with dishes combining sweet-salty flavors. Try with a fillet of chicken breast with supreme sauce and candied lemons. If your tastes lean more to fish, a fillet of gilt-head. Or a bream poached in saffron are sure to delight you. As for cheese, why not some melted St. Marcellin on toast?

Following a gentle pressing, the juice is allowed to settle for 24 hours then undergoes alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures between 16 to 18°C. The wine is then matured for several months on its fine lees.

The Menetou-Salon, fresh and fruity, barely spicy and musky, combines citrus and flowers aromas. Peppery and mentholated hints enhance a round, full and lingering mouth.

Winegrowing & Terroir

This Menetou-Salon blanc is harvested from vines growing on southwestern exposed chalky-clay slopes. Old scriptures relate that the wines from the Menetou Salon vineyards were one of main source of pride of Jacques Cœur who owned them, and was the personal councelor and accountant of King Charles VII.