Petit Bourgeois

Petit Bourgeois Rosé de Pinot noir

With elegant and enjoyable flavours, this rosé will give you such a pleasure! “Fresh, with a notable savory streak amid the white cherry and peach flavors. A light stony echo adds zing on the finish.” Wine Spectator

Great companion of summer food such as grill meats, salads or brochettes, it also goes marvellously with your cocktail dinners and exotics meals like seafood tempuras or Vietnamese spring rolls. Grilled lemon chicken and poached salmon would also do a great match.

This Loire Valley Pinot Noir takes advantage of 10th generation of winemaking experience of our family. After a maceration of the harvest a couple of days in vats, the grapes are pressed and then the alcoholic fermentation takes place at 16-17°C in order to have longer fermentations and more intense aromas.

This refreshing, easy to drink and well-balanced rosé will seduce you with its bouquet of ripe red fruits and roses flowers. A real pleasure.

Winegrowing & Terroir

The grapes come from the slopes of the Loire Valley formerly known as “The Garden of France” due to its temperate climate perfect for growing vegetables, and of course vines. The kings of France used to have their castles and gardens there. The very well ripe grapes issued from slopes along the Loire river give to this wine a real bouquet of delicate red berries.