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Late harvest


A great delight thanks to its exceptional terroir, both in terms of geology and microclimate! Its soft golden robe captivates the eye. The powerful bouquet is confirmed by the equally powerful palate-ample, balanced and of astonishing length. Served at 10°C, the charm of “d’hOrées” is appreciated by wine lovers everywhere. It grows even more attractive with age… from nature is born greatness!

So enjoyable by itself, St. Charles is also delightful with truly extraordinary cuisine: Try pan-sautéed foie gras with candied rhubarb. Cheese? How about a piece of fourme d’Ambert and candied fruits… and don’t forget to match with your favorite desserts!

A slow and careful pressing releases the precious liquid that will ferment at low temperature in Tronçais forest oak barrels. When winter arrives and the fermentation has stopped, the residual sugar gives this wine a suaveness and delicacy all its own. For the next 15 months, this extraordinary wine will rest and mature in oak barrels before bottling.

An exceptional wine with indescribable aromas of extreme delicacy.

Winegrowing & Terroir

When the climatic conditions allow it we « sacrifice » a plot from kimmeridgian marls where we leave the grapes to mature until they obtain their optimum sugar content. We are also looking for the development of the noble rot. They are then delicately hand harvested to avoid damaging (and thus oxidation) of the shriveled grapes.