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Domaine Henri Bourgeois wines shine at James Suckling’s 2024 tasting


Domaine Henri Bourgeois wines scored outstanding marks at the James Suckling magazine tasting:


  • 93 points Pouilly-Fumé “JS-150” 2022 *formerly “La Demoiselle de Bourgeois”
  • 93 points – Sancerre blanc “d’Antan” 2022
  • 93 points – Sancerre blanc “ES-56” 2022 *formerly “La Bourgeoise” 
  • 91 points – Loire Valley Sauvignon blanc “Petit Bourgeois” 2023
  • 90 points – Henri Bourgeois Sancerre blanc 2023
  • 90 points – Henri Bourgeois Sancerre rosé 2023
  • 89 points – Loire Valley Pinot noir rosé “Petit Bourgeois” 2023 has a vast audience, reaching approximately 5 million people through its website, social media, newsletters in multiple languages, and magazines. Additionally, James Suckling stands out as a leading wine influencer on Instagram, amassing over 350,000 followers. This wide-reaching influence is further reinforced by the site’s active role in the wine community through organizing around 20 international wine events each year. This blend of strong online presence and dynamic in-person events solidifies’s position as a major player in the wine industry, serving as a crucial hub for wine lovers and industry professionals. The platform is dedicated to nurture a global community of wine enthusiasts and enhance wine appreciation on an international scale.