Sancerre rouge

Sancerre rouge Henri Bourgeois

The bouquet is marked by Morello cherry, violet, wood notes and with aging it develops aromas of game, truffle and cherries in brandy. On the palate, it reveals good roundness and a light, pleasant astringency (tannins from the grapes as well as the oak barrels) assuring good aging for 8 to 10 years.

The ample bouquet of Sancerre rouge is ideal for your braised and pan-sauteed white or red meats. Glazed roast meats are a perfect match…. Pure pleasure!

Vinification begins with fermentation in tanks (12 days of maceration) at 26 to 32°C during which time the cap is punched and the must pumped over twice daily in order to extract a maximum of colour and tannins from the skin grape. Once the malolactic fermentation is achieved, the wine is matured for 6 to 8 months in oak barrels from the Center of France (Tronçais, Bertranges & Limousin forests) (1/3 of which are replaced yearly).


This Pinot Noir shows an harmonious balance between the freshness brought by the Loire river and the Burgundy typicity of this grape variety.

Winegrowing & Terroir

This Sancerre rouge is created from Pinot Noir vines growing on chalky-clay soils. To express its finesse and aromatic richness, some specific production conditions are needed due to its relative «fragility»: among others, a climate neither too hot nor too cold, and a well-drained soils such as the one in Sancerre.