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Sancerre rouge

Sancerre rouge Grande Réserve

A deep, brilliant red, this sancerre pinot noir by Domaine Henri Bourgeois seduces with its nose of cherries, strawberries and spices. The palate is juicy and fresh, with raspberry and blackberry tones and soft, silky tannins.

This red Sancerre is the perfect accompaniment to braised meats, river fish and cheeses.

Maceration for 12 days in oak vats, at a controlled temperature between 26 and 32°C, with daily pumping-overs and punching-downs to extract maximum color and tannins from the grapes. As soon as malolactic fermentation is over, the wine is matured both in oak barrels (1/3 of which is renewed each year) and in stainless-steel vats for a total of 10 to 12 months.

A deep, brilliant red, this Sancerre Pinot noir seduces with a nose of cherries, strawberries and spices, and a juicy and fresh palate supported by silky tannins.

Winegrowing & Terroir

Our Pinot Noir vines are grown on a terroir of clays (65%) and limestone (35%). The limestone gives the wine its backbone while the clay gives it flesh. Controlled yields with high-density high crop density and between the rows. Use of  organic fertilizers only.