Marlborough blanc

Bel Echo Sauvignon blanc

Bel Echo Sauvignon preserves the typical minerality expression of our clay soil, evolving from salty to chalky minerality. This appealing minerality is well surrounded by juicy ripe tropical and stone fruits supported by a nice freshness. The mouth is round and rich offering a long and intense finish.

Gurnard, asparagus and white wine risotto.

The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks to retain fruit elegance and flavour; it is then aged on fine yeast lees for six months with lees stiring. Lees stirring allows us to stabilise the wine naturally, fining the wine only once before a light filtration. Our objective is to reveal expressive aromas of tropical fruits, a chalky minerality and to get a round mouth feel, while keeping natural weight on the palate obtained from the clay.

A voluptuous expression from our clay soil with stone fruits and chalky minerality.

Winegrowing & Terroir

Grown predominantly on our 2 clay blocks, this wine has more roundness and richness than Sauvignon on our river stone soils. The heavy clay soil naturally has good water retention and avoids excess vigour. Acting as a sponge, the clay holds excess water when it rains and releases it slowly to the vine when the soil is dry – this assists in a consistent and smooth grape ripening period.