Sancerre blanc

Le MD de Bourgeois

The delicate tropical fruit aromas (a proof of ripe Sauvignon grapes) and clean mineral and fruity palate testify to Le MD’s pedigree as an exceptional wine from one of the finest slopes in the Sancerre appellation. Served at 10-12°C, this very concentrated wine expresses its strong personality. With three to five years of bottle-aging, the wine gains roundness, richness and complexity.

This star enjoys the very finest cuisine! Fish, white meats, cheeses… Why not veal escalope stuffed with Dublin Bay prawns and marjoram? For cheese, a Munster would be a fine choice.

During the harvest, only the very ripest grapes are hand-picked and carefully brought to the cellar where they are gently pressed to release their aromas. The must is left to settle naturally for a couple of days and fermented in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. The wine is then matured on its fine lees between 9 to 10 months before bottling.

Concentrated and well-balanced, this wine offers an authentic and fleshy Sauvignon blanc, showing an ageing with a surprising subtlety.

Winegrowing & Terroir

Le MD de Bourgeois is a very steep south and south-west facing slope in Chavignol composed of Kimmeridgian marl (a soil made up of fossilized seashells and clay). This terroir gives roundness, deepness and a great longevity to the wines. It’s one of the best plot in Sancerre and since the 11th century, noblemen would argue just to possess a small parcel.