Sancerre blanc

Etienne Henri

Ripe fruit aromas, spice, and light vanilla tones accompany a roundness and amazing length on the palate. “Etienne Henri” may be aged an additional 8 to 12 years in the bottle.

The power and complexity of this wine call for meals with strong personalities. Etienne Henri’s oak notes are a natural for grilled fish and white meats while the wine’s roundness lends itself to dishes prepared with sauces or creams. Some ideas: Red snapper coated with spiced oil and grilled; Bresse-style farm hen with truffle and chestnut cream sauce….

Thanks to his love for wood, our ancestor Etienne (known as Henri) was the first in Sancerre to make a wine in new oak barrels. Such a method of vinification requires top-quality grapes for a successful marriage of wood and wine. Alcoholic fermentation is exclusively in oak barrels (new or one or 2 years old) followed by 12 months of maturation.

The Sauvignon Blanc offers to the Etienne Henri cuvee a confidential expression of the Sancerre. This wine is surprising by its ability to integrate woody substances which brings a great complexity.

Winegrowing & Terroir

The “Etienne Henri” cuvée comes from the older vines on flinty-clay slopes in Saint-Satur. Such a terroir gives a great strength and concentration to the wines. For this wine, low yields, organic fertilizer only, use of grass cover, everything is made to respect the terroir and to obtain the most beautiful grapes.